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What is AIR DOME?

ZeplinPARK Air Dome Structures

Air Domes are “Air Supported Structures”. They are a cost effective and fast solution for many kind of facilities. Air domes are formed from single or double layers of fabric which woven by blended cotton and polyester and after coated by PVC. Air blowers pump air continuosly to inside the air dome and keep it inflated.

Inflatable Dome ADVANTAGES

Air domes are better than any type of traditional building methods because of its advantages.

Air Domes wide area

As a result of no column needed on air domes, it’s so efficient on any purpose that requires wide areas without column like tennis courts, football fields, factories, farms, gardens, pools, warehouses etc.

Use in all seasons

Air domes are durable to weather situations like strong winds, rain and snow. Also air domes are suitable for nearly any climates.

Air Dome Portable

Depends on your requirements, air domes provide you to use your air dome seasonal, temporary or for whole year. Also you can move your air dome to new area if needed.

Air Dome Custom design

ZeplinPARK Air Domes offers you, great customer service, high quality products, special designs for your needs & requests.


As ZeplinPARK, we provide global services and we take responsibility from manufacturing to installation. Also with warranty for 10 years after installation for this reason quality, safety, durability, must be the best we can do. So we can count on to our products.