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Inflatable Dome Systems


Automatic & Remote Control

Smart Control Systems provides you ease on use, power saving & safety features on our Air-Domes. With the SCS you will save electricity, labor and benefit safety features.

Air-Pump Automatic Control

This system will adjust air pump speed according to weather. In strong wind, air-domes requires a higher speed air pump to stand stronger against the wind. The smart control system will set the speed of the air pumps automatically (High Speed At Storm/Low Speed at Calm Weather) to prevent any damage and to save electricity.

Alarm System

In case of the entrance or the emergency door left open, this will mean an air leak for the Air-Dome, it will lose air slowly and eventually, it will go down. In this case, the smart control system will send a notification to your mobile phone to inform you about the door left open so you can intervene before it causes any damage to your Air Dome fabric.

Lighting Control

According to the daylight outside, it will turn on/off the lights automatically. This system also informs you through your smartphone.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

You can access the info about inside or outside temperature or humidity with your smartphone.

Electrical System Alarms

In case of a problem at air-pumps or power cut, the system will send a notification to your mobile phone.